North Cyprus has still relatively undiscovered wildlife by hosting some 350 species of birds, including almost 50 native birds.

North Cyprus is instantly very attractive destination to bird watchers and important for bird conservation as Europe’s only designated Endemic Bird Area.

Northern Cyprus is an important migratory crossroads for birds flying between northern breeding and wintering grounds in Africa and Asia.


The best time to observe birds in North Cyprus is during the spring and autumn migration when millions of birds pass though North Cyprus

Migration begins early in North Cyprus, April becomes the best month of the year with huge numbers of migrants appearing.

At the best places, in the accurate season, spectacular numbers and a huge variety of birds can be present but great birds can turn up almost anywhere at any time.

There are several areas in Northern Cyprus where bird watching is especially appropriate.

At different times of the year, bird lovers can observe flocks of cranes, grey heron, little grebe, and egret.