Terms of Use and Security Policy

Terms of Use and Security Policy

Cancellation and Change

All cancellations and/or changes must be made by Cyprus Booking in order to avoid any errors and/or faults. Any changes and/or cancellation requests will only be accepted upon receipt by Cyprus Booking Cancellation and/or amendment requests can be made personally to our registered address [email protected] or by calling us at +90 533 852 5432. If the cancellation period expires, Cyprus Booking has no responsibility. If Cyprus Booking cannot reach the customer's phone number, it will retain the right to cancel and/or change. In case of cancellations and/or changes to be made up to twenty-four hours before the service date, the service fee is refunded uninterruptedly. For services that are less than twenty-four hours in service but more than six hours in service, we will refund fifty percent of the service fee in the case of changes and/or refund requests. If the service time is less than 6 hours, no refund will be made.

Privacy Commitment

All the privacy rules on this site have been put in order to get a security frame on the personal information given on the shopping and/or reservations made. You acknowledge that all transactions made using this site may be seen by Cyprus Booking agents, branches and/or partners. However, this information is never shared with 3rd persons, if: 1. Access to all kinds of information and/or documents related to legal proceedings, 2. Investigation of all illegal acts by the user, possibly through the site, 3. Information necessary to protect the rights and interests of all employees of the Site and the Company; As a user you have given all these rights to Cyprusbooking.com. We recommend that you use various technological and/or summary filtering methods to prevent all these conditions and/or violations and/or unwanted e-mails. However, this may prevent you from using the site service. During the shopping and/or booking you are obliged to answer all the questions that are asked to us, and the personal information you give us will be kept in a secure environment. The information you provide about your credit card will be kept for reservation and/or shopping conditions and/or for security purposes and will not be stored in an insecure environment. We will use your IP address to make it easier for you to access to our site. You will only need to use the update pages to access and/or change the information provided by us.

Security Policy

Cyprusbooking.com will use the highest level of security and latest technology in terms of your shopping and/or booking and/or your transactions with credit cards. Any information you have received is strictly confidential and/or confidential to third parties. Your credit card information will not be stored or stored in any way except for the obligation of guarantee. Even if it is registered for the guarantee, it is destroyed from the system when the guarantee conditions are fulfilled. In terms of your security, you need to enter your card details again with every new booking and/or purchase.