Drift is literally a lifestyle, a motor sport full of adrenaline that everyone is excited about watching and dying to try this technique.  If you want to drift or try it, please share this excitement by reviewing and booking the following information. At the beginning of 1990, Drifting was discovered and developed in mountainous and winding roads in Japan. Drift is basically the name given to the vehicle's turn in an unintentional manner.

What are the features that must be on the drift car?

  • The vehicle to be used for the drift must have strengthened performance parts (eg hand brake, shock absorber, etc.).
  • The driver of a vehicle that is suitable for the driver must be thin. When tested with a different tire; it is a great possibility that the rim is separated from the tire.
  • It should naturally have a strong motor because speed is an important determinant at drifting.
  • The vehicle must be propelled from behind.

What are Drift Techniques ?

  • Handbrake Drift
  • Weight Transfer Sliding
  • Power Over
  • Opposite Weight Transfer Sliding
  • Clutch Kick
  • Brake Sliding
  • Powersliding

To participate, you can contact us by filling out the form below. The date and time will be checked and a confirmation mail will be sent to you.

Drift Event
250 TL per hour

Daily Drift Courses (between 10:00-17:00, including lunch)
1000 TL