Kyrenia Harbour, Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is one of the few places in the world yet to be discovered. You will find clear, unpolluted water where the marine life is still undisturbed.

The ancient history of North Cyprus also ensures there is plenty to see once you are under the water. North Cyprus hosted many civilizations. So, divers in North Cyprus, could catch chance to dive ancient time when come across with ancient wrecked ships.

Diving is available all year round and is ideal for diversify holidays in North Cyprus.

The unique reefs in Cyprus house a variety of fish and the warm and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean make Cyprus a fantastic destination for divers. There are quite number of rocky reefs along the Northern shoreline.

Karpasia gate Marina is the perfect location to explore the magic of the region and its beautiful coast line.

For new divers and beginners mid-summer to September is the best time to dive.

You can choose from about twenty diving sites east and west of Kyrenia as well as diving safaris to other place along the coast.