Generally paintball combines teamwork, coordination, fast thinking and decision-making, durability and balance, which offers different advantages for people of all ages.

Paintball play time is 1 hour (60 minutes). The preparation process takes about 15 minutes. It is advisable to go to the playground 15 minutes in advance. The paintball rules and scenario are set aside for briefing.

Paintball Pre-Preparations

Players wear camouflages suitable for their size in the dressing rooms. Paintball weapons, masks and gloves are distributed. Each player signs a contract with their name and surname stating that they will comply with the paintball rules, otherwise accept full responsibility.


Some things to pay attention for:

  • The paintball age limit is 10. Over 10 years old can play paintball.
  • Paintball is played with at least 10 people, maximum 20 people.
  • For those who book from are charged for a special fee of 55 TL for chargers filled with 1 gun and 100 capsules.
  • If an additional 500 capsules are to be purchased, 180 TL is paid on the playground.

Paintball Basic Rules :

After completion of the preparations, the referee shall inform the players of the rules. The brief of rules are:

  • Do not play paintball if you have any health problems that prevent you from playing paintball.
  • Do not remove your helmet before leaving the playground.
  • Keep the safety of your paintball gun open when the game stops.
  • Do not shoot without looking.
  • Do not shoot players whose closer from 5 meters.
  • Do not shoot players who are not wearing a mask.
  • Do not shoot players that have guns in the air.
  • The players shout ‘’I'm hit!’’ and raises their weapon and returns to their base.
  • The player who runs out of the bullet leaves their field by lifting their weapon. After the bullet reinforcements, they raise their weapon again and return to their base and start the game again.


Per Person 55 TL. Min:10, Max:20 people.